Interactive push notifications with bash

Send real-time messages to android, ios, or web without having to make an app or run a server. Your users interact with push notifications using actions or response buttons and their replies are sent directly to you.

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Quick Setup

Install the app and do one http request. That's it.

Message Dashboard

See all your messages and replies in one place

Hassle Free

No registration required. Try it out and sign up later.

Multiple Users

Invite friends, family, and coworkers to receive messages with a link.

Actionable notifications

Multiple ways to integrate

Synchronous mode blocks code execution until a reply is received

Notify your server anytime a message or reply is sent


outlines of shapes and confetti in the background

Easily send messages from the app and view complete message history


Send a message if a process stops logging

find program.log -mmin +20 -execdir "The system is down!"

Track your habits with cron jobs

0 0 1 * * "Pay Rent"
0 22 * * 1-5 "Exercise"

Get progress updates

ddrescuelog -t /Volumes/etc/part1-ddrescue.log | "$(</dev/stdin)"

Execute arbitrary commands (not recommended)

eval $( "Run command") | "$(</dev/stdin)"

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